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A healthy scalp promotes healthy hair. The Galvanic Spa II Instrument and Scalp Conductor work synergistically with Nutriol Hair Fitness Treatment to protect the future of your hair. Featuring Tricalgoxyl a clinically proven seaweed derivative developed by a European laboratory, Nutriol is formulated to remineralize the scalp and hydrate the hairhelping your hair look and feel more abundant.

This leave-in treatment features a unique bi-phase delivery system that releases minerals into the solution when ready for use to maintain maximum freshness and potency. By helping revitalize the scalp for maximum hair vitality, Nutriol gives you the hair care technology to fight back!


Promotes healthy, abundant hair.

Revitalizes and strengthens hair.

Increases the availability of key nutrients and vitamins to the hair follicle.

Remineralizes and hydrates hair, improving volume and shine.

Safety-allergy-dermatologist tested. Key Ingredient Tricalgoxyl, rich in kelp sulphated oligosacc





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